Art Classes and Workshops


Whether you are a beginner or dabbler, you're in the right place! I have a range of art classes to choose from.

In the company of like-minded people, you will learn, step-by-step, how to make unique, joyful, textured paintings, (even if you didn't think you knew how). In the process, you not only learn painting techniques but how to let go and express your own creativity and imagination.

Join us at my studio, nestled amongst the gum trees in the beautiful Perth hills, and enjoy an uplifting personal experience. And all my classes are one or two-day events, so you get results quickly, without having to come back week after week!

I invite you to choose one of the classes below or purchase a spot as the ultimate gift for someone else. Imagine surprising your loved one with a gorgeous, personalised Gift Certificate - a gift that will keep on giving!

I look forward to sharing a painting adventure with you very soon, at one of the art classes below!

Art Classes in Perth

Have you ever gazed longingly at a beautiful work of abstract art, and thought, "I wish I could do that, but I don't don't have a clue how!" Do you yearn to express your creativity? Can't go to weekly classes because you're at work? Yes, yes and yes? Well then, things may be about to change! Find out how you can create four paintings in one day, learn a HUGE heap about texture, composition, colour and creativity in just the one extraordinary day... and join about 1500 beginners all over Western Australia and Melbourne who've been looking for an art class for beginners and found this one!

Sun Sept 26: SOLD OUT
Sun Nov 14: SOLD OUT
Sun Dec 5: SOLD OUT
Sun Jan 30, 2022: BOOK HERE


Wouldn't it be great if approached our days with Clarity and Calm? If we had a blueprint for our journey forward instead of kind of lurching from one challenge to the next? If we didn't keep making goals that we ultimately abandoned, but set intentions that gently guided us through the year before us? Well, who wouldn't?! START WITH ART is designed to help us start the New Year right!

Here, we combine creativity and purposefulness, and make art that reminds us of each of our unique and amazing qualities. We set our intentions for the new year into our art and magic happens! Roll on 2022 - Let's look forward to the future with hope, no matter what!

(This workshop is time-sensitive, and only held at the end of the year and once more at the beginning of 2022, as it's purpose is to prepare us).

Dec 11-12, 2021: SOLD OUT
Jan 15-16, 2022: BOOK HERE

Finding Your Way Home with Malini Parker

When life has thrown us some Big Challenges, the creative force within can help steer us back to our strong centres. It strengthens, supports and grounds us. Very little thinking is required. Instead we feel the magic of creativity work its way into our hearts. In this special workshop, I share my own experience of Loss, and the (universal) patterns that emerged in my own journey. I gently guide you to find some of those patterns in your own life, and weave them into creative activities. We explore our amazing, complex journeys with laughter and a light heart … making delicious, personal, beautiful art.


Sat July 31-Sun Aug 1: SOLD OUT
Sat-Sun Aug 21-22: SOLD OUT
This workshop will resume in 2022. To be notified when enrolment is open, CLICK HERE.

To Boldly Go by Malini Parker

Does weekend escape into a studio in the forest, learning how to create beautiful textured, layered art sound like heaven? Then come with me on a gentle journey into my personal painting process, and let me share a whole lot of different texturey goodness with you! We cover all sorts of texture creation from scratch, from working with actual leaves (from my forest!), to lace imprints, swirly, organic and flowing lines and more... all from scratch, in my step-by-step process. No experience necessary, beginners are my favourite!

Sat-Sun June 12&13: SOLD OUT
This workshop will resume in 2022. To be notified when enrolment is open, CLICK HERE.

The Imagine Art Workshop with Malini Parker

Einstein said, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." Our CREATIVITY is that tool inside each of us that can harness our imagination and do amazing things!

Creativity + Imagination = Infinite Possibility!

Join me as we create some beautiful art, inspired by our Dreamings and Imaginings, by the wonder of nature around us, the fragrance of the eucalyptus and the laughing of the kookaburras 🙂 Learn the Seven Steps to Creative Imagineering - How to Realise your dreams, by using art as a guide!

Upcoming: For future dates in 2022, receive updates HERE

The Art Spa Workshop with Malini Parker

Have you ever experienced a health crisis (or any kind of crisis!) - you know the sort that reminds you of what a precious privilege it is to be alive? I'd love you to join me for 2 days of Replenishing, Restoring and Re-visioning activities in this 'spa' of creativity!

Creative Mentoring Programme - one-on-one mentoring with Malini Parker

This is a one-on-one programme of highly individualised creative coaching that is designed to meet your unique needs. To find out more, click the button below.


It's called 5 Ways Your Creativity Might Save Your Life and you can get it by dropping your details in below. You'll also receive my updates on events and inspiring tales to help you live YOUR creative life!

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