Have you ever gazed longingly at a beautiful work of abstract art, and thought, “I wish I could do that, but I don’t have a clue how!” Do you yearn to express your creativity? Can’t go to weekly classes because you’re at work? Yes, yes and yes? Well then, things may be about to change !


The ABSOLUTE BEGINNER: You’re the one who’s always been curious about your artistic side, but you don’t know where to begin. Or never had the time to learn. Or perhaps its all seemed too overwhelming … maybe you feel you’ve left it too late... I designed this workshop for YOU. In one jam-packed, fun day, you’ll lose that fear of the unknown, and learn absolutely heaps. I’ve got you covered.

The NOW-AND-THEN-DABBLER: So you paint a little. But you love it a lot, and would love to learn more, especially about creating abstract art and working with texture. My seven step process will give you some clear structure and my intensive class will give you SO much content in just one day. You’ll be painting with more purpose and passion in no time!

(If you can’t make it to Australia to attend this live, in-person workshop, I do plan to teach this online in an e-course that you can take from anywhere in the world. Just subscribe to my updates here.)




Have you ever looked longingly at a beautiful piece of art, and thought, “I wish I could do that, but I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” Do you yearn to express your creativity, but you just don’t know how? Are weekly art classes impossible, because you just can’t spare the time? Are you all grown-up, but pretty much ignore your creative side since you were in school?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place, Painting for Beginners is an art class that was designed just for you!


This is a ONE DAY intensive art class, where you learn my unique seven step process to create beautiful, strong, abstract paintings from scratch – even if the last time you painted, your mum said, “that’s lovely, darling!” and popped it on the fridge!

The day is packed with content, insanely busy and so much fun! You will be guided along one of the many pathways to creating art, and totally surprise yourself at just how much you learn in just ONE day. (And best of all – no need to buy anything – just rock up with nothing but your lunch, as ALL materials, along with extensive notes, are provided).

I will personally guide you, step-by-step, through the very same process that I use to create my own art (you can see some of my work over here). We start with the absolute basics and progress steadily on to using texture and colour, and what makes effective compositions.

I've found there is more to making art than just learning ‘techniques’ – there are other allies in your creative journey that may be even more important, including learning to let go of rigid outcomes, and stay in the process.

During this special workshop, I gently share so much more, and demonstrate each step, we have a laugh or two, and before long, you would have uncovered (or recovered!) your creativity.


By the end of the workshop you will have several unique, textured paintings to take home. All that anxiety about the creative process recedes. You learn a solid process that you can use as a starting point, as you go on to develop your own style. (Scroll down to view student's work created in one day).

So, is PAINTING FOR BEGINNERS for you? This may help...

DON'T COME if you are looking for an art class where you learn to paint flowers or portraits or how to carefully copy from photos ... this art class would not be a good fit for you!

DON'T COME if spending an entire day in a busy, creative environment would not suit you. This is an intensive workshop, so it's jam-packed with activities, demos and information. We all learn in different ways, so this style may not suit your personality or health.

DON'T COME if you think abstract art is just "throwing a bit of paint around"! My process is a balance between working freely and loosely, and having structure and patience to allow a painting to develop.

DO COME if you are looking for useful, practical instruction to create abstract, textured art, learn the basics of colour and composition, and to do it quickly!

DO COME if the idea of creating causes you a little anxiety! "What if I'm not creative?" "What if I'm crap at painting?" These are such universal concerns when learning something new! If this is you, you're my favourite kind of student ... and you'll be amazed at what you accomplish in one day! (With no time to worry, because you're having too much fun!)

DO COME if you would like to learn to let go, and work freely, but also have structure to guide you and learn a ton of practical tips (even if you're not strictly a 'beginner').



SUPPLIED: FOUR wooden panels (each!) to paint on, paint, mediums, texture pastes, brushes, spatulas, palettes, aprons, a folder chock full of comprehensive notes, a notebook for you to take MORE notes and ... chocolate ... and birdsong!

LOCATION: My light-filled, peaceful, purpose built studio in the Perth Hills, perched high amongst a glorious forest of eucalyptus trees and kookaburras, just 30 min from Perth CBD! (Because of it's location, the terrain is not wheelchair-accessible.)

PRICING PER TICKET (incl ALL supplies and notes):
$359: SUPER DUPER EARLY BIRD special limited time right now.
$375 EARLY bird:
up to 21 days in advance
$395 FULL price: for the last-minuters.


Sun Feb 11: SOLD OUT
Sun Mar 3: SOLD OUT
Sun April 7: SOLD OUT
Sun May 12: SOLD OUT

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"I have my paintings hanging on the wall where I can see them everyday. They are beautiful, I love them. I like to have them close - a reminder of what I am capable of and believe it or not  they help me in moments when I am feeling not so good, not so strong, not so certain ... thank you!" -Marina


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Looking to learn online? FINDING YOUR WAY HOME-The Ecourse is available an an instant access E-course. You can download the entire workshop immediately, from wherever you are in the world over here!



“I came to your workshop and found peace, and dare I say it joy. There is much kindness and love in you and I thank you for sharing that with a room full of strangers. I’ve never felt so proud of anything as I do my four paintings. Thank you for a little respite and a lot of hope.”
–Deepa Nadarajah, Analyst, Melbourne

“Worth every cent!”
–Peter Morley, Racehorse Trainer, Perth

“I learned more from you in A DAY than I did in a WEEK long class I did last year.”
– Sarah McNeill, Arts journalist.

“There are a lot of artists around, but it’s very rare and special to be a great artist plus such a great teacher as well! You are so well organised, I want to thank you again for all your preparatory work, the takeaway notes, all the equipment you supplied and your humorous demonstrations and comments. We covered so much in one day I can’t believe it!”
– Andrew McDonald, Building Illustrator

“I never thought of myself as artistic (thank you, high school art teachers!), until I did Malini’s Beginner’s Workshop…Creating art is now a regular part of my life – thank you, Malini!”
– Verna Sim, Geologist

“Super-organised, accomplished, inspirational, supportive and great fun. We learned so much and I can’t wait for the next class”.
– G. Jenkins, Education Consultant

“An exciting and motivating day. I have really been inspired to push out in directions I never would have thought about a year ago. I attend so many presentations, lectures and training sessions that one comes become quite jaded with them. The positive and warm manner in which you engaged with us was refreshing and inspirational.”
– Peter O’Donnell, photographer.


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