Three Years On: How Coffee Saved Me.

“We forget that to give us more than we currently have, life must make us more than we currently are. And that the first act of every creative change is the destruction of the existing order.” - Martha Beck   There were days when I would stand in front of his photograph and plead with him. … [Read more...]

How I Tackled My (Ridiculous) Fear

“Yvonne, I am panicking!” My voice was slightly hysterical as I wailed to my old friend on the phone. “I don’t know how to do this, I don’t know how to start, it’s terrifying me and I’m paralysed with fear.” Yvonne calmed me down and proceeded to give me some simple steps. She chuckled as I … [Read more...]

5 Things I learned from my mum.

On Feb 7, 2017, my beautiful mother slipped away from this world. As I come to terms with that loss, I'd like to share some of the things I gained from her example over the course of her long and amazing life. --------------------------------------------------- I'm the last of mum's tribe. I was … [Read more...]

A Hole in the Desert Sky

“When something extraordinary shows up in your life in the middle of the night, you give it a name and make it the best home you can.” – Barbara Kingsolver In my childhood home on the island of Penang, there was one particular room that was filled with natural light, with a lovely view … [Read more...]

Bitter with a Soft, Sweet Centre. 2016, You Surprised Me.

I’m sitting up in bed with my Ruby lying next to me, looking black and shiny and gorgeous against the white doona. Eva Cassidy is singing in the background. The melancholy in her voice doesn’t affect me. I’ve already wept into my coffee this morning. One moment I'm sitting at my favourite cafe, … [Read more...]

My Year of Burning Hands

“Would you mind swapping places with me? I’m feeling a bit scared about sitting on the edge!” she asked. “Sure,” I replied. Why not? I was feeling calm as anything, so I didn’t care where I sat on that open raft. On the Red Sea. (Stupid, stupid me.) I was travelling in Israel with my … [Read more...]

Why I’m So Much Like My Old Dog.

My little dog Layla is 14 years old. That’s 98 in human years. She’s partially blind, quite deaf and she often trips over nothing. These days, Layla spends much of her time walking around the house aimlessly with a mournful expression on her face. A discerning watchdog no longer, she barely gives … [Read more...]

My Greatest Teacher.

Almost all my memories of mum involve gardens. Mum always loved flowers and leaves. When I was growing up,  our family home was on the beautiful island of Penang, where it was incredibly hot, but tropical downpours were heavy and constant and it was easy to have lush gardens. Ours was … [Read more...]

Return to Love

This is my 'month of letting go'. I have been letting go of a lot of things, physical and emotional. A few days ago I decided - I must let go of my painting, Return to Love. I think I first exhibited it the year that my husband Greg was diagnosed with cancer. He was the one who named it 'Return … [Read more...]

The Three Kinds of Courage

“Don't be afraid of your fears. They're not there to scare you. They're there to let you know that something is worth it.” - C. Joybell C It’s always a huge event running one of my art workshops. I supply ALL the materials, including lovingly prepared textured surfaces for my students to paint … [Read more...]

“I just loved your book!  It had heart, passion and love all rolled into one. Your story of courage resonated with my own journey, and I found myself digging even deeper to move forward with a love of creativity.  Thank you with all my heart for writing this wonderful book, and sharing your amazing life.” -Jude McColm,


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