Artist’s Statement

An artist’s experience of life is a rich one, in that so much of what life offers is being noticed, interpreted for colour, form, perspective, light, greedily soaked up to then be re-interpreted in paint. In recent years I have been drawing greater and greater parallels between my painting process and my experiences with adversity. It’s as if all that background noise, all that lifetime of internal discontent had gradually, imperceptibly, been replaced by Acceptance. Whilst I don’t exactly welcome them, I can now view challenges as part of the texture of my life, places of interest in life’s story that I can build on with the colour and light of the more joyful times.

Most of my paintings have a story. I’m often asked if my spiritual beliefs inform my work, and as a Bahá’í, I would have to say a most definite yes, but in a fairly tangential way, as what I paint are more ideas and internal processes rather than concepts. The most direct influence my faith has on my work is the idea from the Bahá’í writings that life’s challenges are really gifts of Grace, to be welcomed, not feared. In general terms, the dark and textured parts of my painting represent adversity and growth, whilst Grace weaves itself through it all, represented by light or fluid lines.

A passage in the Baha’i Writings that has influenced my work is one where the Divine speaks to us, and says, “My calamity is My providence. Outwardly it is fire and vengeance, inwardly it is light and mercy.” I have found this to be true, even though it hasn’t entirely made the hard times easier for me to bear. In some ways, my obsession with dark and light in my paintings, with exploring the idea that beauty and growth can arise from periods of ‘calamity’ is my effort to visually capture an idea that I want to sear into my soul. If I paint this theme often enough, my hope is that I will ‘get it’ and face life with the courage and fortitude that comes from knowing “only good will come from this”.


Born in Penang, Malaysia, 1962, Australian citizen


  • Joy, Victoria Park Centre for the Arts, WA, Dec 2013
  • Tapestry, Naked Fig Cafe, March, 2011
  • Trust Hope Joy, Riverview Church, Burswood, April, 2010
  • Grace, Old Bakery on Eighth Gallery, Maylands, Jan 2010
  • Regeneration, Old Bakery on Eighth Gallery, Maylands, Aug 2008
  • Southern Art Trail, Denmark & Albany, Sept 2007
  • New Work, Bibbulmun Foods Café, Denmark, WA, Dec 2005-Mar 2006.
  • Looking Both Ways, Croft Garden, Perth, WA, Dec 2005.


  • Movement and Stillness, with Phil Doncon, Kingfisher Gallery, West Perth, 2010


  • Foodbank Art Auction, Albany Library, Dec 2013 (by invitation)
  • Artists At Home & Abroad, Broadway Gallery, New York City, New York, USA, Sept 2012
  • Act Belong Commit Spring Festival, Mukinbudin, September 2011, 2012 (by invitation)
  • Emergin8, Metamorphosis Art Gallery, September 2011
  • Art for Africa, Gadfly Gallery, June, 2011 (by invitation)
  • Supporting Young Mothers, Old Bakery on Eighth Gallery & Cafe, April 2011 (by invitation)
  • Spring in the Valley, La Salle College’s 25th Annual Art Exhibition, October 2010 (by invitation)
  • St Hilda’s Contemporary Art Fair, March 2010
  • Spring Festival, Muckinbudin, October 2009 (by invitation)
  • Around the Palette in 21 Days, Old Butter Factory Galleries, July 2009 (by invitation)
  • Myths, Stories and Legends, Midland Town Hall, Midland, WA, June 2009
  • Noah 2X2 Exhibition, Old Butter Factory Galleries, Denmark, Aug 2008
  • Darlington Arts Festival Art Exhibition, WA, Sept 2007, (by invitation)
  • What is an Art Moment, Art Moment Gallery, Bondi, NSW, 2007
  • Mullalyup Muster, Mullalyup Gallery, 2007
  • Harmony Week, Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany, WA, 2007
  • Harmony Week, Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany, WA, 2006
  • Waverley Art Prize, Bondi, NSW, 2006
  • Norville Art Prize, NSW, 2006 (pre-selected)
  • Off the Wall Gallery, Albany, 2005
  • Rites of Passage, West Australian Museum, Albany, 2005
  • Inhouse, Vancouver Arts Centre, 2005


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  • WA Premier Arts Partnership Fund, AbaF, 2010
  • Packers Prize, Albany Art Prize, 2006
  • Visual Art Dept Excellence Award, GSTAFE, 2005
  • Four Highly Commended works, Nannup Art Exhibition, 2005
  • Academic Excellence, GSTAFE, 2004
  • First Prize, Ron Carter Award, GSTAFE, 2002


  • Diploma of Visual Art & Craft – 2006 (Great Southern TAFE, WA)
  • Certificate 1V Visual Art & Design (2004, Great Southern TAFE, WA)
  • Certificate III Visual Art & Craft – partial (2002, Great Southern TAFE, WA)
  • Masters Medical Science (1992, University of Western Australia)
  • Grad Dip Dietetics (1984, Curtin University)
  • BSc (1983, University of Western Australia)


  • National Association of Visual Artists (NAVA)
  • Artsource

“I just loved your book!  It had heart, passion and love all rolled into one. Your story of courage resonated with my own journey, and I found myself digging even deeper to move forward with a love of creativity.  Thank you with all my heart for writing this wonderful book, and sharing your amazing life.” -Jude McColm, www.judemccolm.com.au


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