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The Highs And Lows of Life. (warning this post contains references to dog poo)


Art Classes in Perth
For most of my life, until I discovered visual art, I was a singer. Back in the 70s, when it was all peace and love and marching for social justice and Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens … my dream was to sing for the world and use my voice to inspire change. 

 My big sisters had a singing group, all hip young people in flared jeans and tie-dye tops. There were two guitarists, and six or seven other idealistic teenage singers and I thought they were the coolest people in the world. They sang everywhere – all over the country, and in many parts of the world. And the best part – they let me sing with them, even though I was this tiny little nine-year-old kid when I joined them!

 As I got older, I learned to play the guitar, and my best friend and I used to skip classes and hang out at the back of the school, playing Morning Has Broken and Peace Train. When I turned eighteen, I took my guitar with me to remote villages in far-flung countries. I even spoke and sang on the radio in the highlands of Papua New Guinea! 

 The first time Greg heard me play guitar and sing, I had just arrived in Australia. Being a musician himself, he stopped to listen and check out ‘the competition’. He quickly realised I didn’t pose much of a threat! 

 But we eventually formed a singing duo and life became hectic. Weddings, Peace Festivals, Folk Festivals, Harmony Week, Refugee Week, travelling to Indigenous communities, large conferences, small gatherings… Greg and I were there. At some point, we got married, and he formed the New Era Baha’i Choir, a group of people from really diverse backgrounds. We were all united by the ideal of using music to uplift hearts and promote oneness. 

 From then on, his music became bigger, four-part harmonies instead of two, musicals, touring the country. I remember Mary, our daughter, being passed around the audience of an outdoor performance when she was just four weeks old.

 A year after Greg died, I organised a memorial concert for him. His choir sang for seven hundred people, and that was the very last time I sang a solo in public. After singing solos and duets for most of my life, I stopped. Just like that. In fact, I almost didn’t even do the solo at that concert, if not for something that happened in the shower. (But that’s an entirely different story.)

 It was as if without Greg’s voice filling the notes, I was singing half a song. The absence of his voice drained all colour from the music. And all I heard was a silence that once were harmonies beside me. 

 So I stopped. 

 It’s been six years since he passed away, and last week for the first time since his memorial concert, I sang a solo in public – a prayer for peace at an interfaith service. People of many faiths: Jewish, Christian, Baha’i, Muslim, Buddhist, Indigenous, a microcosm of the world, had gathered in a sweet little church and were coming together to celebrate the oneness in our diversity. 

 Something beautiful happened in that church that day at so many levels. With the unrest and turmoil around the world, this little gathering represented peace and possibility. Bridges of friendships were formed across what once were vast chasms.

 As I raised my own voice, it felt as if my heart lifted with it, and all thoughts of my own incompleteness fell away. I asked, in song, on behalf of all the beautiful and diverse souls gathered, that “the light of unity may envelop the whole earth.” And for a few hours, it felt like that prayer was answered.

 A few days later …

 It’s the early hours of a freezing cold morning. I’m drifting in and out of sleep, warm and toasty under my blankets. I dream that Greg and I are singing together again. In real life, Greg appears in my dreams frequently. In fact, he’s in most of my dreams – not doing anything memorable, just lurking about. So it wasn’t particularly significant that I dreamt of him. Still, in the six years since he died, I have never dreamt of us singing together again.

 I woke up feeling such calm contentment.


Suddenly my beautiful reverie is broken by frantic ‘paw-pacing’. My dog, Ruby, runs into my bedroom, agitated and unsettled. Finding herself on the far side of the room, she gets wound up in my curtains and is unable to extricate herself. 

Ruby is going blind and deaf, so getting her out of the curtains and back to her bed was … complicated. Especially when I was still mostly asleep and keen to return to singing with Greg in Dreamland…

 But Ruby was beside herself, and I didn’t know why! Finally, I got her out of the curtains, and she ran back to her bed on the landing, cowering on one corner of it, ears pinned back, tail tucked in. 

 And there it was. She’d done a poo on her bed. 

 A day that held so much promise was actually starting with me shaking dog turds into the garden and cleaning up after my dog.

 Aaah … The highs and lows of life!!!!

 I’ve thought about this sequence of events a lot over the last few days: My personal victory of finally singing alone again. The collective hopefulness of the interfaith gathering that I was fortunate enough to contribute to. The gift of that beautiful dream of singing with Greg and how it made me feel. And the way I was unwillingly brought back down to earth by my dog’s distress, as she ages and struggles with unfortunate accidents.

 I am reminded that everything in the world is cyclical. There are seasons in nature, in our bodies, and even in our journeys. 

We start with youthful energy and zeal and mature into wisdom and measured action as our bodies and minds adapt to change. We resist change, as I resisted leaving my dream-state! And when faced with loss, we might move from inconsolable grief to peaceful acceptance in a slow progression.

Every season offers us gifts. Even when I have to drag myself out of my warm bed to rescue my dog 🙂

“I want to sing like the birds sing,
without worrying about who hears
or what they think.”

Malini Parker is an artist, writer and teacher.
From her home studio perched amongst the eucalypts,
she runs art classes in Perth, Western Australia
to help awaken creativity and amplify joy!
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Art Classes in Perth
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Art Classes in Perth

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Till next time, with love,

art classes perth

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  1. That Interfaith gathering co-hosted by the Baha’is of Mundaring, St Cuthbert’s Anglican Parish and jewish Spirituality was magical and thanks for singing the prayer for Unity that day. It touched many hearts.

    1. Post

      A Rabbi, a Priest and a Baha’i walk into a … 🙂 sounds like the making of a funny story! Thanks for organising the event, and inviting me!

  2. Your best reflection yet! Sublime and ridiculous in one package! So poignant! Thanks for making our singing group sound so cool.

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      It was a very cool group, platform shoes, peace banners, long hair – the works! I was the lucky kid to be included even at the risk of ‘un-cool-ifying’ it!!

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      Thank you Rachel. It was such a lovely dream… Ruby needs to plan her accidents so they don’t interfere with my dream adventures 🙂

  3. Always such a mixture of joy and poignancy to read your wonderful blogs.. How strange the many choices we make in life that lead us down such different paths. Leaving Perth in 1977 for Sydney, then Vanuatu, then Israel, and now California. And in those 43 years my friend in Perth got married, had children, some have grandchildren, some have passed on – all without me being there – yet I love them all still.

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  4. You have captured the rhythm of life well with words . Enjoyed reading your journey and lessons about life . Now I know what you did behind the school … “ morning has broken “ is one of my favourite songs .

    Glad the nightingale will keep on singing !

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      Haha! Yes, I was very innocently doing nothing more than playing guitar when I disappeared 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, and for your kind words, Jessie!x

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