What are we Morphing into?


Meaning: “undergo or cause to undergo a gradual process of transformation.”


When a guest walks into my home one of the first things they notice is the art.

“Oh my! Did you paint THAT?!”

And I shake my head and say,“No, that’s not one of mine.”

They are looking at the painting above by Phil Doncon. Phil is one of my dearest friends, and he is a multi-award winning artist. He painted that sunset thinking of Greg as he lay dying. It means a lot to both of us and depicts a ‘sea of light’ – the one that I imagine Greg plunged into as he left this world.

So, I don’t mind, I really don’t. It’s my honour to have Phil’s beautiful work on my wall, reminding me of the love between us and the mystery of life and death.

At this point, my slightly embarrassed guest looks around, trying to get past that first awkward moment. The next words to come out of their mouth are usually,

“WOW! Did you paint THAT???!!!”

And now we stand in front of a painting of a figure hanging out of a broken cocoon with butterflies around him … and I say:

“Isn’t it AMAZING? And no, that’s not one of mine either.”

We are now looking at Huda Fauzen‘s painting, Metamorphosis. It is massive – nearly 2m in length – and it’s the centrepiece of my home. I bought it shortly after Greg died, and no painting has ever affected me the way that one has.

When my daughter Mary first saw it, she said something that touched my heart deeply:

“Mum, it’s like we’ve known this painting all our lives, even though we’re just meeting it now for the first time.” 

There is a mysterious, indefinable power to great art.

A beautiful story, an evocative poem, a play, a powerful photograph, a movie, a song, a painting – they can transport us in ways that transcend the mind and awaken the soul. What they awaken might be something familiar, yet buried so deep, that is is “forgotten” until we see it expressed in a work of art.

Huda Fauzen’s painting, Metamorphosis, is one such piece. It is a constant reminder to me that change can lead to growth and transformation. It involves sacrifice – the safety of a cocoon is sacrificed to the beauty of the butterfly. This process of change is probably painful.

But nothing good ever happens without something changing.

Right now, the world is going through changes of seismic proportions. Long-held assumptions are being questioned. Uncertainty is everywhere and voices that were silently and quietly enduring, are now roaring, with the deeply-held pain of generations.

“Some people say that ‘all lives matter.’ And of course, it’s true. But if a house is on fire, you don’t call the fire department and say, ‘all houses matter.’ You call the fire department to the specific house that needs urgent attention.” – John and Ocean Robbins

I don’t have answers on what to do right now. But a quick Google search gives a ton of advice on how to show your support for the worldwide movement of Black Lives Matter: how to educate, advocate, or inspire change. I also wrote about it here.

As a person of colour, as a member of the world-wide Baha’i community that has always stood for racial unity, as someone raised in an environment that always transcended prejudice, as a dark-skinned woman married to a white man, I’ve given myself a pretty good mark on these issues. But hang on … could there room for improvement in my own heart?

I’ve taken a good hard look at myself, and examined my own assumptions and beliefs, and the result isn’t pretty. So, this I know for sure: I can do better, and I will.

“Do the best that you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”– Maya Angelou

We are all morphing, all the time.

It’s up to us to choose what we are morphing into. Let’s use this unique point in human history to morph into the best version of ourselves.

With love,
Malini x

art classes perthMalini Parker is an artist, writer and teacher.
From her home studio perched amongst the eucalypts,
she runs art classes in Perth, Western Australia
to help awaken creativity and amplify joy!
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  1. Thanks Mal. You’ve given me much to think about, as I too felt smug in my beliefs and habits. Time for some spring cleaning: need to go into the wardrobe of my mind and sort out which beliefs and habits I should keep, which to throw out, and which new ones to acquire

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      what a beautiful way to put it! Your actual wardrobe is quite a treasure trove that I’ve benefited from over the years myself 🙂 And so is your mind!

      I think we can all make changes to how we speak, think and act… starting with our “own wardrobe”! x

  2. Well put Mal and the encouraging thing is that to create positive change in the world we only need 1% of the population to act . So we can each be that catalyst for the world’s transformation by our morphing.

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