This took a ton of courage. But you made it ok :)

I’ve just experienced another milestone. It was five years ago on May 16th, at 8.06pm, that my lovely Gregory slipped away from this world after a four year battle with cancer. We had been married for three decades.

The thing is that ‘Life After Greg’ is nothing like I imagined. One of the most unexpected things about it is how much I have been supported by people like you, who have shared my journey and in doing so, found hope and inspiration for theirs. So, I thank you for reading my stories, coming to my workshops and showing me what courage looks like. You have imbued my life with kindness and laughter, and taught me that grief can co-exist with joy.

Life is full of surprises.

When recently I accepted an invitation to speak about Greg (a surprise in itself), this was a talk I couldn’t have given earlier. It’s taken me five years to fully understand what Greg taught me, both in how he lived and how he died and to distil what I learned from this zany, unusual man. But to take the plunge and share it with others? I couldn’t do that unless it was a message that everyone could relate to, no matter their age, gender or life experience!

So, here it is, recorded live in front of a friendly and forgiving audience, a story of hope and laughter:

Greg Parker’s Story: Lessons Learned from the Life of a Larrikin

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  1. Malini – you are so much stronger than you believe and you inspire people every day. Your talk was so honest and your journey from the loss and hardship showed the love and depth of the relationship you had with your Greg. What you have done in the last 5 years is staggering. One very important lesson I learned from you was ‘kindness’ and whilst I believe I am a kind soul I now make a conscious effort to be so. Random Acts of kindness brings joy not only to the person receiving but also it has a positive affect on the giver. It changes your thinking and being. So thank you and bless you for what you give to all of your gang of followers.
    of hardship yes but love

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      Hello Helen, I can still recall your awesome and absolutely stunning paintings that you did at my workshop! Thank you, thank you for these sweet words, my dear Helen! Kindness to ourselves is usually the hardest type of kindness. I’m still learning. Much love to you xx

  2. Keep on sharing your insights sista. They are so educational, wise, inspiring and also entertaining.
    I knew Greg very well, since we were both 18 year old buddies, so I remember his ways very well, through his transformations till the moment he took his last breath.
    I still learnt so much from the excellent way you presented it.
    I know it took you a lot of courage, and I’m sure he will be proud of you, as I am of you both.

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      You were Greg’s friend for a long time, and he was so grateful for your kindness when he was sick. Thank you for your loving support!

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