Love is underrated.

Not the romantic kind, that gets far too much rating! No, the kind of love that got my husband, Greg, up THAT mountain, and back down again. Safely.

When Greg starting telling people that he was climbing Bluff Knoll on Nov 4th, it seemed like an impossible dream. He was so sick with chemo, and he had a musical to write and stage. The show was a mountain in itself!

Well, he pulled off the show, (and it was a sellout). One ‘mountain’ climbed. Now for the actual mountain.

Many suspected that that bee in Greg’s bonnet would get him there, so they showed up to keep him company. Some even climbed with him. Some never left his side.

It took him seven hours, (it normally takes 3) but he did it. Sunshine, wind, rain, hail, lightning and sunshine again – the mountain threw the works at him. So he threw everything he had, right back at it. He returned soaked to the bone, triumphant, humbled, exhilarated, exhausted, in excruciating pain, but he came back. He slept for 11 hours straight and woke up the next day barely believing what had happened.

Greg will soon forget the pain he suffered, the hailstones he slid on, the lightning, the wind and lashing rain. But he won’t forget the love. That bee in Greg’s bonnet got him to the foot of the mountain on Nov 4th, but it was love that got him up and back. He had loving hearts surrounding him, loving hands pushing him, pulling him and loving prayers from all over the world, keeping him safe.

If ever there was an event that was a metaphor for life, this climb was it. I find myself thinking of the last few years – of lashing rain, icy winds, lightning and thunder, and many MANY mountains climbed. I look back with gratitude that we made it this far and forward with hope that we’ll have the strength to face what lies ahead. And I remind myself that love is seriously underrated 🙂


The Support Team At the Base

Greg and me before takeoff

Leading the way…but not for long!


High up and nearly there


Greg with the 2 men who got him up and down safely

The 2 Gregs, one helping the other, with a couple of angels behind them

View from The Top

He Made It!

Michael taking some big risks at the edge

Micah and Leah with proud grandad

Love that greeted him at the summit

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  1. I was there all the way!!! What a profound experience of love and unity and physical and heavenly companions:)

    Everyone was climbing their own mountain as well!
    Knowing that we climb this physical mountain which seemed like an impossible dream, gave me even more confidence of all the imaginary mountains we have put in our way that can be climbed if we believe.. It helped me confirm Abdul Baha’s words: “As ye have faith so shall your powers and blessings be…”

      1. So much enjoyed the scenary and especially the trek & courage of Greg – great he had a lovely crowd to do it with him – all the best – take care and thanks for sharing your expedition.

    1. I’ll pass on the message, Kelly! I’ll bet you can relate at a whole different level with your background of athletic feats 🙂 You’re a climber of many ‘mountains’!

  2. Sitting in a lobby in Verona, the city of love and trying really hard not to cry. I think this is one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read. Thank you for the gift of your profound words Malini. God bless you and your mountain man

    1. Hello Carol in Verona! You’re a bit of a sook, but a lovely one 🙂 You’re right about the love story though, Greg opened the doors and let a whole lot of love into his life, and it just poured in. Many, many good hearts.

  3. It was a privilege being there with Greg (and all the other great folks) just to watch him do it…

    You only have to say the word bro, and I will follow you ANYWHERE!!!


    1. Oh hello Greg (the-Accompanying-Angel-Who-Got-The-Other-Greg-Up-The-Mountain) … thank you for making sure my Greg didn’t fall off the edge, slip down the slope or slide off into oblivion! BIG hugs to you!

  4. Oh gosh Malin, I am going to climb a mountain in Tassie for my brother soon, so I am inspired that Greg was able to make it up this one. How wonderful. <3

  5. Malini, what a beautiful and deeply touching love story. Your husband is a true inspiration. I sense that he’s achieved much more lately than what we see in the photos at mountain climb. He’s touched so many more people than the ones that were there that day. He truly shines. All the best to both of you. xo

  6. Oh gosh I am just inspired by you all, I love you all and may you all be blessed.
    You especially malini and greg.I have been waiting for this news.!

    1. Hello dear Bobbie! Thank you so much for your kind and caring messages. I am so touched, when I know that you do such good work for so many people. Much love to you x

  7. dearest Malini,
    Wow you all made it. I think the whole crowd who went up with Greg and encouraged and supported him was the key. what a wonderful success story. thanks for sharing and we love you both a lot.
    nahid and Mehrdad

    1. You are so right, it was love and support that has made Greg’s journey in life and up the mountain, so special. He’s let love in, and it’s worked miracles 🙂

  8. Thank you to everyone who was on the mountain and thank you to everyone that helped you get there and back. Thank you for the love you have shared and the inspiration you(z) have been and continue to be.
    Lots of love from across the hills and valleys, across the deserts, across the oceans, across the mountains again and across the prairies

  9. Oh thank goodness to hear — I was thinking of you, Greg and the family all last weekend and wondering how Friday went – what amazing news!! How awesome that the mountain climb went so well and it shows what love, yes the real love and determination and grit can do…….I’m so so so happy for you and Greg and the family.

    1. How kind of you, Marilyn. Sighs of relief all around at 3 mountains climbed recently – the show, Bluff Knoll, and the CT scan results. It’s a bit too exciting around here. Definitely need some flat land VERY soon!! Thank you for thinking of us x

      1. Malini I passed on Greg’s story tonight when out for dinner with my friend who has also fought a cancer battle – she had breast cancer so badly and just fought and we fought with her and she’s here and well and working and still fighting and loving and having fun with life. She understood the hidden battle and the words that are not said and she sends her love and spirit to Greg to help along the way.

  10. Malini I just love reading your written words. They are not like written words in the traditional sense, but more like sitting here with a direct connection to you, where I can hear your voice and feel your presence as you share with me your inspiring stories of bravery, love, aspiration, determination, laughter, reflection, personal growth, and creativity. Stories that are filled with many messages for us all and much wisdom for us to learn and grow from with authenticity and a solid grounding in love and happiness.
    What an amazing accomplishment for Greg & those dear to him. l Greg you are such an inspiration for us all yourself. I am in awe of your continual determination, self growth, openness and incredible will. Such an amazing personal accompIishment. I know just how much this means to you guys & I’m just so happy for you! Much love to you both xxx

    1. Hello my beautiful friend from across the continent! I will forever be grateful to blogging for giving me your friendship – for it was Kelly’ Exeters blog that introduced you to me, and now I couldn’t imagine not knowing you 🙂 Your sweet words match your sweet soul. Thank you for your loving kindness and your warm, warm friendship xox

  11. Congratulations Malini and Greg on your amazing and inspirational climb. So glad to hear about the good scan results…..another mountain climbed! Love IS powerful stuff, you are so right.

  12. Malini- I was so moved by your post that I felt tears in my eyes. What a beautiful love and story that you have posted. And how inspiring. Greg- you just simply rock. What a warrior and may wellness and health be right around the corner for you.

    1. Hello Josephine, thank you – insightful words, as Greg does see himself as a warrior!! I’m so grateful to have you stop by and share our journey, thanks for the kind words.

  13. Very proud of you both.
    “Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time.” ― Abdu’l-Bahá

    What’s next Greg?

    1. Hey Faysal, thank you so much. Hope you’re doing ok at this difficult time for you and your family. Your loss is a very big mountain, and many people are climbing it with you. much love to you.

  14. How awesome is that?! Give Greg a high five for me! What a supportive wife you are! And supportive family/friends! No wonder he feels like the king of the world!! What an inspiring story!!

    Flying with you

    1. aww, that’s kind of you Susan! I’m not sure that Greg feels like king of the world 🙂 He’s pretty worn out now, and quite embarrassed at all the attention (a new feeling for him, I say that’s good for him!)

  15. Not surprised .. It is Greg we are talking about!The ” love” itself …

    Much love to both of you.. There is a saying that behind every successful man is a woman rolling her eyes!! In your case you roll your sleeves up to support him…
    It keeps him alive … And that’s the matter ..
    Much love to you two love birds 🙂

    1. Hi Sahba … hahaha that ‘s a funny quote 🙂 Actually, I’ve done a FAIR bit of eye rolling in our time together !!! Thank you for stopping by and sharing our stories x

  16. I cried, such a lovely write up and photos! So glad to have been part of both of your love stories and although I wasn’t there on the day I did send lots of love your way!

  17. Sooooooooooo Inspiring!! Thanks Malini 🙂 Your husband’s and your journey is amazing…I have felt happy ALL day after reading your blog post xX (+I even blogged about it)

    1. I’m happy to hear that, Fi – what greater gift can there be to have one’s journey (with all it’s crazy mountains, valleys and various other bumpy bits!) give a teeny bit of inspiration to others ?! so glad! And thank you for stopping by x

  18. A truly inspiring story – both of you. Greg’s inner strength and your loving support and willingness to share, it’s just great. Hearts and prays to you.

  19. Hello Leah, it’s pretty inspiring to me, to have messages of love and support such as yours, from all over the world! Much love goes right back to you all the way from Western Australia to Canada 🙂

  20. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of love, determination, hope, courage and FAITH!
    Reading about your family’s journey has been so inspiring – you guys touch so many people’s lives without even knowing it.
    Thank you for touching my life and sharing what true love and strength is.
    Much love

    1. Astrid, I think maybe people get inspired by things because they are ready and open for inspiration to enter – it’s more a testament to them than to the ‘inspirers’ 🙂

      Your warmth and sweetness will be welcomed at my first workshop in 2013, so delighted that you’ll be there!

      much love xx

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