Have you ever gazed longingly at a beautiful work of abstract art, and thought, “I wish I could do that, but I don’t don’t have a clue how!” Do you yearn to express your creativity? Can’t go to weekly classes because you’re at work? Yes, yes and yes? Well then, things may be about to change !


The ABSOLUTE BEGINNER: You’re the one who’s always been curious about your artistic side, but you don’t know where to begin. Or never had the time to learn. Or perhaps its all seemed too overwhelming … maybe you feel you’ve left it too late. Hey, I designed this workshop for YOU! In one jam-packed, fun day, you’ll lose that fear of the unknown. And learn absolutely heaps. I’ve got you covered!

The NOW-AND-THEN-DABBLER: So you paint a little. But you love it a lot! And you dream of one day learning how to do it all ‘properly’. Now’s your chance. My seven step process will give you some clear structure and my intensive class will give you SO much content in just one day. You’ll be painting with more purpose and passion in no time!

(If you can’t make it to Australia to attend this live, in-person workshop, I’ll let you know the minute I launch an awesome e-course that you can take from anywhere in the world. Just subscribe to my updates here.)



This painting class a ONE DAY intensive, where you learn my unique seven step process to create beautiful, textured abstract paintings from scratch – even if the last time you painted, your mum said, “that’s lovely, darling!” and popped it on the fridge 🙂

The day is packed with content, insanely busy (but fun!). You will be guided along one of the many pathways to creating art, and totally surprise yourself at just how much you learn in just ONE day. (And best of all – no need to buy anything – just rock up with nothing but your lunch, as ALL materials, along with extensive notes, are provided).

Working with acrylics paints, texture and mediums, I will personally guide you, step-by-step, through the very same process that I use to create my own art (you can see my work here). We start with the absolute basics and progress steadily on to using texture and colour, making effective compositions, and how to finish paintings. I demonstrate each and every step in detail.

And have you suspected there’s more to making art than just learning ‘techniques’? You’re right! During this special workshop, I share those ‘secrets’ too. We have a laugh, you have a go, and before long, your creativity is flowing!

By the end of the workshop you will have four unique and beautiful paintings to take home. Your friends and family will say, “Wow! YOU did that?” 🙂 Then keep applying what you learned, make heaps more art and continue to blow everyone’s mind!

Warning: If you are looking for one of those art classes where you are left to yourself to paint … making perfect, tidy, realistic compositions, then this would not be for you. Painting for Beginners is a grungy, texture-y, painty, messy, and oh-so-much-fun intensive art class where I offer my hands on, right-by-your-side, ask-me-anything, heartfelt approach 🙂 You have NO spare time to waste on worrying (and no, you don’t have to be able to ‘draw a straight line’!)

Remember: YOU BRING NOTHING (but your lunch). No need to buy ANY art materials. No returning for painting lessons week after week because you accomplish a huge amount in ONE day. Worried you’ll forget the details? It's all covered in comprehensive NOTES that you get to take home. And if you want to continue your learning with me, there are several other art workshops you can explore, held over two days on a weekend. In other words, Painting for Beginners is my only ONE day intensive art workshop designed for complete newbies!


PERTH (Selkirk St, North Perth)

Sun May 13: SOLD OUT
Sat May 19: 2 left! Book here now

For Two Day Workshops in May, June & July, check out PAINTING with TEXTURE and FINDING YOUR WAY HOME



“I came to your workshop and found peace, and dare I say it joy. There is much kindness and love in you and I thank you for sharing that with a room full of strangers. I’ve never felt so proud of anything as I do my four paintings. Thank you for a little respite and a lot of hope.”
–Deepa Nadarajah, Analyst, Melbourne

“Worth every cent!”
–Peter Morley, Racehorse Trainer, Perth

“I learned more from you in A DAY than I did in a WEEK long class I did last year.”
– Sarah McNeill, Arts journalist.

“There are a lot of artists around, but it’s very rare and special to be a great artist plus such a great teacher as well! You are so well organised, I want to thank you again for all your preparatory work, the takeaway notes, all the equipment you supplied and your humorous demonstrations and comments. We covered so much in one day I can’t believe it!”
– Andrew McDonald, Building Illustrator

“I never thought of myself as artistic (thank you, high school art teachers!), until I did Malini’s Beginner’s Workshop…Creating art is now a regular part of my life – thank you, Malini!”
– Verna Sim, Geologist

“Super-organised, accomplished, inspirational, supportive and great fun. We learned so much and I can’t wait for the next class”.
– G. Jenkins, Education Consultant

“An exciting and motivating day. I have really been inspired to push out in directions I never would have thought about a year ago. I attend so many presentations, lectures and training sessions that one comes become quite jaded with them. The positive and warm manner in which you engaged with us was refreshing and inspirational.”
– Peter O’Donnell, photographer.


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