Exhibition runs from March 28 to June 27 at the
NAKED FIG Cafe, 278 Marine Parade, Swanbourne

ALL PROFITS donated to charity

On Monday, while I was running an intensive workshop, my latest solo show, Tapestry, was being hung. Its a large collection of paintings that is now showing at the spectacular Naked Fig Cafe, overlooking the ocean, in Swanbourne. ALL profits from Tapestry are going to disaster relief in Japan and other places. When I told Greer and Lorna Marns, the owners of the cafe, that I wanted to do this, they were moved to donate their commission on each sale as well!

This exhibition didn’t start off as a fund raiser.It happened like this…

A few weeks ago, I began cataloging my work… it’s always a bit of a struggle (a massive task when 53 pieces from many different venues come together), I was grumpy because there was no proper space to do it in…! And Greg, my husband, who is engaged in a courageous battle with kidney cancer, was very, very sick. Things were looking a bit grim.

Then I thought about the thousands of people in Japan, who had lost everything, and I thought, “Malini, get over yourself, and stop being grumpy. Just be grateful that you even have paintings to catalogue, and a house to do it in!”

And the idea was born – they lost everything – how about I give them what I can – all these paintings ? After that, things seem to take on a different perspective.

Then, best of all, scan results came back showing that Greg’s tumours had shrunk and despite his un-wellness (which was a result of an infection, not the cancer) he was doing really well! That clinched it for me – I REALLY needed to make a gesture of thanks to the Universe for all the good things in my life, and Tapestry was it!

The interesting thing is that all my paintings are inspired by the ideas of triumph over adversity, so it seems really fitting that this entire show is going to help people facing extreme adversity.

So… I’d love for as MANY people as possible to go have a look, and if they like what they see, to buy a painting, knowing that they are, not only acquiring a thing of beauty that will grace their home, but also sending money where its needed, to people who have lost everything.

Exhibition runs from March 28 to June 27 at the
NAKED FIG Cafe 278 Marine Parade, Swanbourne
Western Australia 6010
(08) 9384 1222