mum with lace texture


You’ve got a lot of photos. Most are on your phone, but there are some precious lovely images in boxes. And some of those really special ones are even in photo albums! 

You’ve wondered how they can be more visible … should you make a photo wall? Or maybe something more creative, but how? What?

Do you love fiddling about with paint and texture … or maybe you just love the IDEA of it, but you’ve never (or rarely) actually picked up a paintbrush. Who has the time? 

And then there’s the images of people or animals that you love and now miss so much. How can you honour their memories? The ties that bind you to them forever?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could take these beautiful connections, these layers of life’s gifts, and turn them into layers of art? ENTER my new ‘FAMILY TIES’ WORKSHOP.

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody,
even one's own relations.”

-Oscar Wilde


Family is the one thing we can't change, except for partners, we can't choose, and we certainly can't fix! But family shapes us as much as all our life experiences and journeys (which we CAN choose and change!)

For a long time, I have incorporated text and photographs into my work. It began over twenty years ago, when I first started making art, and found some old black and white pictures of my mother (that's her in the painting above). I didn’t want to stick them in an album. So I added some texture and paint and kept going.

Then my daughter Mary also became part of my art, and it was fun combining images of her childhood with her babyhood, using colours she loved, and words to describe her.

After my father died, I made HUGE black and white paintings  in charcoal and texture. The lack of colour helped ease my complex emotions, and the act of making them helped heal my heart. No one saw them but me.

What I know for sure is that family …
Shapes us.
Overwhelms us.
Strengthens us.
Defines us.
Accompanies us.
Loves us.

Family has so many variations and subtleties, and it doesn’t even have to be human!

This workshop is all about using the beautiful connections we have in our circle - be it human or animal - related by blood or not. Who forms the matrix that gives our lives cohesion and meaning?

In this workshop, we will write, tear, glue, paint, swap stories and food, and create in words, photographs, paint and texture, deliciously personal art that celebrates our ‘Family Ties’.


This workshop if for you if you like the idea of blending photographic images with paint and texture, for a unique visual feast that is all about your family ties. You don’t need any previous experience in art, (absolute beginners are always welcome!) or any special art supplies, as I will provide everything you need to make the paintings – but you will need to bring photographs!


SUPPLIED: Panels to paint on, paint, mediums, texture pastes, brushes, spatulas, palettes, aprons, a notebook for you to take MORE notes and ... chocolate ... and birdsong!

YOU BRING: You lunch, and your photographs. These are Photographs that you wish to embed and include in your paintings. These will need to be photocopied or laser printed on regular paper, and I will send you detailed guidance before the workshop so you know what’s what.

LOCATION: My light-filled, peaceful, purpose built new studio in Glen Forrest in the Perth Hills, perched high amongst a glorious forest of eucalyptus trees and kookaburras, just 30 min from Perth CBD! (Because of it's location, the terrain is not wheelchair-accessible.)

Sat/Sun Jul 30-31: SOLD OUT

Sat/Sun Sept 24-25: BOOK HERE to catch SUPER DUPER EARLY BIRD price
Time: 9.30am to 4 pm, Sat and Sun

Can't get a spot? Email me to go on waiting list or be notified first for the next date.

PRICING PER TICKET (incl ALL supplies):
$597 (FULL price)
$547 (EARLY BIRD price)


Family Ties Class


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