Q: Can I do your workshop if I don’t have ANY experience in art?

A: This is by far the most commonly asked question I get asked! I can often hear the fear and vulnerability behind this query. I get it! You haven’t used your creativity for a long time, perhaps since childhood 🙂

The answer is YES, YES, YES! I designed ALL my workshops for people who may have little or no experience in art. But if you’re starting at ABSOLUTE zero, and you want a quick, intense burst of creative mojo, step-by-step techniques and lots of guidance, then PAINTING FOR BEGINNER – a ONE day intensive workshop is where you should start. It’s ONE day. You make 4 paintings. I supply everything. It’s safe. Supported and YES – you can do it if you have NO experience in art-making at all!

Q: Do you run courses during the week?

A: No, all my workshops are either one day or two day classes, and always held on Saturday, or Sunday or both.

Q: Can my child attend your workshop?

A: No, my workshops are designed for adults. My teaching style is based on story and metaphor, along with process and technique, and these two are closely linked and are best suited to people with some life experience. I commend you for wanting to nurture your child’s creativity at a young age, it’s a wonderful gift you are giving them, and it deserves an approach that is aimed at children’s unique learning style.

Q: Do you teach one-on-one or can I come and watch you work?

A: I do not offer one-on-one classes as the cost would be prohibitive for the student, and I think that we learn best (and I teach best) when in an environment of activity and energy that is generated by small groups. That being said, my approach is very personal and hands on. So in my class, you will find me by your side, holding your hand if you need me to 🙂 But when I paint for myself, I paint alone.

Q: How long have you been making art and do you sell your paintings?

A: I started making and selling my work in 2001. And yes, my work can be found homes and offices all over the world, and I’ve held 10 solo exhibitions. You can view my work, see what's for sale and buy it (if you like it!) here.

Q: How long have you been teaching painting?

A: I started sharing my painting process with small groups of friends in my backyard, around 2009. In 2011, it became a consuming passion, and has never lessened in its intensity since then!


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