Kind words

52-jannin “It was amazing. I love that you saw art as a reflection of life. I could feel the depth of thought and emotion that you had put into creating a safe and nurturing place for us to explore these unexplored yearnings we have inside of us.” ~ Janine De Soyza
01-tara “As someone who would truly love to paint, but really thought that I couldn’t after pretty much being told by an art teacher in high school that I couldn’t paint to save myself, I now know that I can! The way you teach each step in detail really does enable the novice to learn to paint..I have laid out my 4 pieces, each time I look at them I notice little things I hadn’t before…Thanks again for for helping restore my faith in myself and my ability to paint.”~ Tara, Bank Manager
02-Joanne “I thoroughly enjoyed our day yesterday… I even dreamt of painting last night. Thank you again for a wonderful day and I can’t help but, tell friends, work colleagues and family members about this course.”~ Joanne Stephen
03-Michelle “Thank you once again for a fabulous creative and inspiring day. It was a privilege to meet you and to share that time and space with you. I really loved learning about your practice and cannot wait to get in and explore your techniques more and keep building on that knowledge and reconnect with the messy playful me of once upon a time… I truly feel that I participated in something that will have a profound impact on the way I continue to live my life.”~ Michelle Crawford
04-Bronwyn “I had such a great time yesterday, I’m still buzzing from it today! I’ve got four pieces of art … We put them up against the wall and turn them around occasionally and see things in them we didn’t see before! It’s an amazing process!I’m really looking forward to where this will lead me creatively – I think it will be a great outlet for me and give me another dimension to my life”~ Bronwyn Dixon
05-Wendy “I had a blast and came home with such excitement, even my husband was impressed! Thank you so much for unlocking the key.”~ Wendy S
06-Peter “An exciting and motivating day. I have really been inspired to push out in directions I never would have thought about a year ago. I attend so many presentations, lectures and training sessions that one comes become quite jaded with them. The positive and warm manner in which you engaged with us was refreshing and inspirational.”~ Peter O’Donnell, photographer
07-Krobertson “WOW things have really started happening for me. I am no longer frustrated; indeed I can’t seem to stop painting! It just pours out of me in a way I have never experienced before.”~ K. Roberston
08-DebiGeorge “A mighty thanks for a most delightful & insightful day of ART last Sunday…both George & I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves & have talked about it a lot & have shown various friends & family our art work…they are impressed!… good on you my dear for totally inspiring us.”~ Debbi and George Wilson
09-Fef “Thank you so much for such an inspiring day yesterday. I was in awe last night at just how much was accomplished…Thank you for bringing such ease and joy to the classroom.”~ Fefe Twaits
10-Kerry “Had a great day – thanks Malini! This was a Christmas/birthday gift from my family and I thoroughly enjoyed it… excitement, fear, disbelief, wonder… what a roller coaster! Thanks for your gift Malini!”~ Kerry Egan
11-Kay “Thanks for a really enjoyable day yesterday. Your preparation and delivery of the course was excellent and enjoyed by all. I liked that it was full-on and hands-on all day, with not a wasted moment. You are a delightful and interesting teacher and I enjoyed your warmth and commentary. Your encouragement and explanation just put everybody so at ease I think the art just flowed from there!”~Kay Wood
12-Shiralee “Thank you so much for fantastic day of art. It was exciting, inspiring, creative, fun and we learned so much…The whole experience was absolutely fabulous. Thanks again.”~ Shiralee & Ivan McClennan
13-Sasha “Thank you again for the incredible day last Sunday at the Painting for Beginners workshop. It’s amazing how much I learned about myself during that day, trying to let go was a challenge. Abstract art is something I never thought I’d get into, but I am enjoying how good it feels to just let it happen and push myself to be feel that little bit more free.”~ Sasha Hommen
14-Julie “Yesterday was such fun. You were so calm, organised, funny, professional and very kind! It’s just what beginners need.”~ Julie Steenson
15-Annika “Thank you for a wonderful day. I really needed some time out, away from it all, just for me. Your workshop allowed me to re-centre and explore my creativity which I haven’t done in soooo long. I surprised myself and enjoyed it so much.”~ Anika Schweda
16-Lyn “Just want to let you know what your workshop meant to me. You have unlocked a world of new ideas and interests and I would love to learn more. I feel so proud of my achievement today and will recommend your workshops to everyone I know. …You made my day!! Thank you again.”~ Lyn West
17-Belinda “Had a wonderful time, thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a fantastic class. I related to so much you had to say in regards to creativity anxiety and really appreciated your guiding hand and generosity of spirit. There are many courses and tutors that talk about helping students with creative blocks but don’t deliver any useful tools at all. You not only passed on some very practical and useable tips, tricks and tools, but also inspired with your words and stories. Thank you.”~ Belinda Thorne
18-Nel “Fabulous day and recommend it to anybody…so much fun and so enjoyable and professionally delivered by such a warm and encouraging teacher in a very safe and enriching environment. Thank you again, Malini xxx”~Nel Lombardo
19-Rina “If you live in Perth, and even if the THOUGHT of doing a painting scares you to the bone, sign up for her class. By the time you finish her workshop, you’ll go home with 4 amazing paintings painted by you! No regrets!”~ Rina Keh
20-Serena I want to thank you again for the amazing workshop yesterday; I really enjoyed every moment of it and I am very excited about what I learned! ~ D. Nangle, Project Manager
21-KRenouf “Thank you so much you sharing your gift. Your generosity with your time, knowledge and talent is just so awesome and I feel so lucky to have met you and had your guidance. I learned so much yesterday, I loved the day and would again like to say thank you for a fantastic experience. If you were here in front of me I’d give you a big hug!”~ K. Renouf, photographer
22-NoName Thank you for such an amazing day, Malini! I loved every minute of it! You were so organised and so full of passion for art and your knowledge of it – but so relaxed and approachable too! I felt like I reconnected with a ‘lost’ part of myself! Loved it! -Heather Yeoman
23-BeccaL “I am so motivated & encouraged after your workshop. I haven’t felt this desire & creative energy in years … I was really stuck in a slump & Saturday’s workshop was an absolute blessing for me. I cannot thank you enough. ~ Becca L
24-PatsieSmith Thank U Malini for such an amazing workshop. Enjoyed every minute of it…new friends, adventures with colours & textures that shine from our souls. Now I know why my paintings were created…they kept appearing in my meditations since Sunday :-) Thanks so much for sharing & teaching your skills & talent, & for a fun filled day. ~ Patsie Smith
25-SueBarker “You’re a great teacher with a beautiful soul. It was such a special day that I will never forget. I had a very inspiring and yes, relaxing day with you and everyone. Didn’t wan’t it to end. Had a blast.!!! Thanks again for sharing your passion which just bubbles out of you.
~ Sue Barker
26-NikkiLangford “Coming to your workshops have brought the artist within me, to life. You are an inspiration not only in your magical art “that creates itself” but in your infectious way of teaching… I love coming to your workshops, not only to learn, but to come away with this whole new look on life. I so look forward to my next workshop with you. You have changed my life, thank you Malini.”~ Nikki Langford, Trayning
27-KimOlson “Thank you so much for an awesome day! I loved it!”~Kim Olson
28-AstridStark “I really enjoyed the workshop and your wonderful teachings about abstract art and also life. Thank you for your clear instruction, lightness and humour and encouraging words. I feel you really invited us to be courageous about creating art by letting go of expectations and embracing curiosity and the unknown. Very important words of wisdom for art and life and not something you receive in every art class.” ~ Astrid Stark
29-ChaHigginson “Just a quick message to say a huge thanks for the contagious passion you shared last Sunday at your perfectly orchestrated workshop. The people and general atmosphere was heaps of fun-You were so generous with your energy and knowledge, I am truly inspired.”~ Cha Higginson
30-JenniferWilliamson “As soon as Malini’s workshop started I felt like a door unlocked, and I thought “Why didn’t I do this ages ago?!” It was so good to immerse myself in colours and textures and creativity again. Malini is a very skilled artist with a natural, encouraging teaching style and contagious enthusiasm! I’m looking forward to her next workshop!” ~ Jennifer Williamson-Habibi
31-ZarinSalter “Malini is a fantastic teacher and I thoroughly loved the beginners painting course! Thank you Malini! You helped me to find confidence and passion in a mode of expression that I felt rather under-confident about. Plus, you’re a lovely person to boot :) Thank you for showing me your painting process and helping me connect with my inner creative self. What a wonderful, relaxing, joyful day!”~ Zarin Salter
32-NatalieKauter “I just want to say that i had a fantastic day! I learnt so much! I wanted to get home and straight into it. I think you’re a fantastic teacher and the workshop was very organised and structured which helps the students keep a clear head!” ~ Natalie Kauter
33-SallyChaplin “Many thanks for sharing all your passion and process with us on Sunday, I really didn’t want the day to end! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire session, and left with oodles of new enthusiasm to get the paint box out again. A day like Sunday is also a mini holiday for the soul. Once again, so very many thanks.”~ Sally Chaplin FGAA, Reg. Valuer, Designer GIA Director
34-JoCollyer “It was an awesome experience… I have had a smile on my face all day remembering the joy and generosity you exude, and the pleasure I had in creating!” ~ Jo Collyer
35-PaulaHarvey “I just loved, loved, loved your workshop yesterday, it was fun and exciting and I really enjoyed getting stuck in to the practical work. I am very happy with the paintings I made!”~ Paula Harvey
36-CharlotteTan “It was great fun yesterday, I really enjoyed it a lot! I normally like doing the artwork at the beginning and hardly lasted till the end, but yesterday I managed to enjoy it till the end. It is always good to do something different! Thank you so much for your patience, it has been a great learning for me.” ~ Charlotte Tan
37-RobynMarley “You are a gem Malini. Thank you for sharing your enthusiastic spirit and ‘arty’ secrets – I see through different eyes now! The day was amazing soul food… We both feel as if we’ve found a hidden part of ourselves and my daughter Stacey said she’s had the best birthday present. We’re both enthused to embark on this intriguing path you’ve revealed to us.”~ Robyn Marley and Stacey Cooper
38-CarmelWhitfield “It was a brilliant day, Malini! You made it interesting, fun and super easy.” ~ Carmel Whitfield
39-RobBarnett “Thank you for a great day – I learnt heaps and it was a privilege to learn your process and to be able to take it away and create more amazing pieces of art as we did on Saturday. It is very rewarding to look at my four pieces and know that I can go ahead and make more whenever I like :) You are a fantastic teacher and so generous to share so much with us, so thank you for that :)”~ Rob Barnett
40-AndrinaChien “Thank you so much Malini for sharing your wisdom and talent! It was a wonderful day, full of learning, inspiration and fun! I am so glad I did the workshop, I know it has helped me in many ways. There are multiple parallels between birth and unleashing the creative potential within!”~ Dr Andrina Chien (pregnant at the time)
41-AmndaHodgnkinson “I had the best day and loved every minute of the workshop. I haven’t done any painting for about 10yrs and you’ve definitely helped reawaken my creative spirit. I love your teaching style and everyone in the class was really fun.”~ Amanda Hodgkinson
42-S-Naheed “Thank you so much Malini; it was a truly wonderful day, I had never experienced such a ‘Creativity rush’ before as I did yesterday with you and the amazing thing is I didn’t even know I had the creativity ‘gene’. Thank you for enabling me to find it.” ~ Dr S. Naheed, Lecturer, Curtin University of Technology
43-PeterMorley “It was worth every cent!”~ Peter Morley
45-DebbieWood “So peaceful and gratifying! Thank you for what you have introduced me to.” ~ Elisha Finck “I had a magical day, have been inspired so much.”~ Debbie Wood
46-DebbieWood “I came home so filled with joy & hope.” ~ Trudy Haddleton
47-AlissaBorrel “Just wanted to say that I had a fantastic day yesterday! One of my favorite things about the day was just being in your presence and seeing your passion for your work, helping others and hearing your stories… and you should be truly proud of yourself for achieving what you have so far with your art and teaching :)”~ Alissa Borrell
48-MirriamKelly “The day of painting was one of the first days off I’ve had for a long time. It was special day for me as the way the class was constructed kept my mind busy on art and not on family issues. Thank you also for sharing your life with us . This makes me feel special because I realise I’m not alone.” ~ Miriam Kelly
49-MarkLeigh “I had a fantastic day on Sunday and must say it was a great way to spend my birthday. I was so into the art lesson that the day seemed to go so fast. Ava and myself had been looking forward to the course for a long while and were not disappointed. I knew I would get a lot out of the course as I have always been interested in art but never done anything about it. So glad I have started and thanks once again.”~ Mark Leigh
50-IsabellaOxenham “Thank you so much for the workshop. I really was exactly what I needed to reignite my love of creating art. Also can I just say you are maybe the most insightful, inspiring and positive teacher I have encountered. So thank you for the experience and I wish you all the best.” ~ Isabella Oxenham
51-AndreaMcDonald “There are a lot of artists around, but it’s very rare and special to be a great artist plus such a great teacher as well! You are so well organized, I want to thank you again for all your preparatory work, the takeaway notes, all the equipment you supplied and your humorous demonstrations and comments. We covered so much in one day I can’t believe it!”~ Andrew McDonald

“I would personally just like you to know that Sunday was one of the most relaxing, peaceful and therapeutic days of my life. Thank you so much for absolutely everything. My sister and I had such an amazing time and learnt SO much! Plus I am so happy with my paintings! … I’ve decided that I’ll be making my Christmas presents for family and friends this year! I will definitely be recommending your workshop to everyone I know. :-)”~ Serena Richardson

Your (jam-packed) workshop was my very first step into the world of painting. I learned so much, and felt very privileged to be part of something so special.
~ V. Lee

Had an awesome day, Malini. Thank you so much for delivering such a heartfelt and inspiring workshop. I am in gratitude for the experience.
~ Robin Fingher

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop on Sunday…From the minute I arrived to be greeted by your wonderful hello to the minute I went home it was so enjoyable. The painting was just so great to learn.
~ Marilyn

I loved your workshop, it was full and so much got done but it felt peaceful and stress free, don’t quite know how you manage that…a big ‘thank you’ for a wonderful day of learning and enjoyment.
~Bobbie Bates, Narrogin

Can I just start out by saying thank you! Kayt and I LOVED your workshop! We have been obsessed ever since … aside from the great workshop, I found you very inspiring, the fact that you started out in science and ended up in art…The only criticism – it wasn’t long enough!!! We were both so disappointed when the day ended! If we could, we probably would have stayed there all night to continue our painting! We are both very keen to do your other two workshops.
– Sarah Deverall, scientist and mother

Thank you for a most enjoyable day of learning yesterday.  You’re certainly a very talented teacher (and it goes without saying, talented artist) that makes learning easy and more importantly, fun. I’ll most definitely be recommending your classes to all the people I know (and even those I don’t…) -Alaine Davin, manager, retail

We absolutely loved it! It really was great, and you are a fabulous teacher. I am actually quite surprised that I may be a little more creative then I thought! So thank you! – Jade Nicholls, Uni student

Thanks Malini for a great workshop today. You’re a fantastic teacher! I learnt a lot. – Carol Gorgy, physiotherapist

I really loved your way of teaching, and particularly that way you had structured the class. The amount we got through I thought was phenomenal and that was due to your great organisation. I learnt so much it is a completely new technique for me, so it was great to experiment. I can’t wait to do some more painting, it was such a relaxing day, I even did not worry about the heat, I was concentrating so much. – Marlene McCann, Snr Radiation Therapist

Thank you for the wonderful art class on Tuesday and your delightful company. It truly was a beginners class for me – the beginning of a new passion! -Jenny Harwood,Principal Consultant, Education & Training International

For many reasons, you are a brilliant communicator, teacher and painter, who was inspiring to me. Your enthusiastic approach was inspiring and made it easy for me to feel comfortable, and like “I can do this”. The way you had set up the class, and made it easy for me to lip read and participate , was great, THANKYOU!! … I am so glad I was lead to your class, it was not just informative, hands on, good teaching, but so much fun and to come away with a sense of achievement as well.– Pat (hearing impaired) .

I am very excited by what I learnt … My husband was most impressed with what I brought home, and a bit surprised … The class was just the right pace for me and it was structured well. I thought your methods and communication were fantastic. –Connagh Hopkins, Accountant

Thanks so much for yesterday – I truly enjoyed my day and it has satisfied a deep need in me to get back into my art! It was so well organised, informative and fun. I am now planning ways to turn my shed into an art studio. -Greer Marns, artist and restaurateur

You are super organized which I love. It is so nice to do a course which has been so well planned and organized. From our table settings, to equipment being clearly labelled, to the instructions so we know how to clean up, even down to the way you got us to do the gesso texture first so it had time to dry it made the experience as smooth as possible and maximized our learning time…Your energy is amazing and you are very good with people – interacting, making them feel relaxed, a good teacher, your instructions are clear, you are very approachable, passionate about your work which is infectious! – Lorna Marns, restaurateur

Thanks for a great day, I thoroughly enjoyed it…I thought the class was extremely well organised and it covered everything I wanted. You did really well to teach us all you did in one day! Debbie White, Clerk

I had a really good time and learned A LOT! You are very good teacher and well organised =). Thank you for sharing so much knowledge with us. It was my first art class since I was 13 years old, so it felt so great to finally get back to painting… I think in the future I will take another class with you, I ENJOYED it very much … So THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge, a lovely day and showing me that a beautiful art doesn’t have to be always picture perfect of something. I believe you have a strong heart and wish all the best for you and your family. Hope we will meet again soon. –Natasha Davis, Accounts Officer

We had a ball… we now have our paintings sitting looking at us in our family room…Please put us down for future workshops … these opportunities are being put on our priority list for this year! Thanks for your time, teachings and FUN!- Helen Bolton, Churchill Fellow 2005

I want to thank you for the inspiring art class.  I have been to a few but this was the first time I really learned about the preparation and materials required in doing a painting. You were organized and that gave me the confidence to let go a bit.  -Negin Golestani, Accountant

It was just the most delightful day… nurturing and creative and fun…It was wonderful to learn how to do abstracts and we both loved just allowing our little works to unfold – easy to do when there is so much permission and safety provided by out wonderful teacher! You are an inspiration, Malini – such enthusiasm, joy and passion – which was so lovely to be around – and truly amazing especially in the light of all the relentless challenges you have in your life.  -Dixie Sounness, Interior Designer

I learnt so much and felt at ease, thanks to your teaching style. You base it at beginners without making them feel like beginners…that’s an art form in itself! – Katrina Allen-Rock, General Manager, Retail

Thank you so much for an inspiring and informative workshop. I thought you ran the class effectively and efficiently. I learned more from you in a day than in a week-long class I did last year…! . – Sarah McNeill, Arts Journalist

You do a really fantastic job of explaining things and encouraging us. Teaching definitely suits you. I thought the pace of it was great. I don’t much like slow moving courses so I liked that we were buzzing in and out all day. The steps were excellent, that made it easy to understand. I liked that thing on the wall that had the steps written out, I read that loads during the day. The notes are excellent, I’ve used them this week. And I liked that we get to do 4, as there’s room for doing a few crap ones! – Kathy Garnett, Geologist

It is very rewarding to bring 4 pieces home with just starting to paint, incredible! Your teaching was very clear and easy to follow,… It just felt great to create:) … It was visible how you love to teach this course, and this is what it’s all about, you bring your passion over to your students … I am very pleased that I found the person who was able to unlock my hidden creativity. -EllenWiedenhoff, pharmacist

I had the best time yesterday I keep walking past my paintings and can’t believe that I did them…I had a fantastic time. -Raelene Hankinson

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop, I came away feeling like I can do this, rather than it’s too hard. I was a little tired but happy tired, all filled up with new and exciting things. You’re a great teacher Malini, instructive, interesting, funny…” – Donna

It was a great workshop and was not at all scary being the only bloke there. It was very clear and easy to understand. – Brett

Malini, your teaching style is so relaxed and yet so clear that we had no problem understanding the concepts you were teaching us. I really enjoyed the day. It was very informative and a great introduction to abstract art.  In fact your seven step process is an excellent starting point which gave us the basic building blocks for creating art.  I would have no hesitation in recommending this course!” -Marian Mouttet, virtual assistant

Pauls very obviously enjoyed herself and learned a heap – she couldn’t stop talking about it for a couple of hours after she got home yesterday!! -D. Heeris (gave his wife a gift voucher)

And the wife said:”I thoroughly enjoyed myself but also learnt so much. I have always been interested in art — but have never felt confident enough to delve in. I chewed Don’s ear off (after the class) with my enthusiasm to have a space that I could call my own…that I can spend time playing with the techniques that I tried yesterday. I awoke this morning with some ideas that I would like to try. Yay, my art bubble is being burst open. Watch out world! ” -P. Daems

It was so lovely to meet you and to share the day with you. Jarrad and I had such an amazing day and thoroughly enjoyed the experience….We got so much out of your class!” Alicia Juniper

A memorable day. Your workshop was truly inspiring and might just have given me the kick start that I’ve been looking for. Thank you!” –Michelle Crompton

As for Sunday, what a fabulous experience. For me as an absolute beginner it was amazing to be able to take home 4 pieces that I would happily show to people! A big achievement for someone who does not draw or paint! Or should I say didn’t use to. I am looking forward to more experimenting that’s for sure. It was lovely to meet you and receive your guidance.- Vicki Symes

Thank you for a wonderful experience yesterday! I enjoyed your workshop A LOT!!! You are one of those amazing people that radiate a calmness and contentment with the world and your surroundings that should not really be there, given your personal circumstances. You seem to find the good in everything, hold onto it and believe in it – a remarkable characteristic. You said so many wise things yesterday and gave me a lot of food for thought.-Alicia Menkveld

I loved the way you taught the basics in such a systematic and methodical way. It meant a lot.  The classroom atmosphere was lovely, friendly and conducive to do a painting.  I loved the way you demonstrated everything in such precise details.  I have been to painting classes but no one ever taught in the manner you did.  Your way of teaching painting encourages everyone, and individual care and attention is given to each student. -R. Row, Accountant

Thank you Malini for a lovely day. I had a wonderful time, you have a lovely teaching style…The day just flew by!” – Tonia, teacher.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day. You are a very skilled teacher and motivator!  I learned lots of stuff I’ve been wondering about – so much easier than from books…Very professional and well planned workshop – start to finish!…  And that’s not chocolate talking! Providing all materials worked so well, no confusion, no chaos, hardly any spills even ! …I think you may have crammed in nearly as much as from a 6 week course – especially with the very useful notes we came away with. – Eleanor Stanley, retiree

Attending the class was an absolute pleasure…I was really impressed at how you guide others without doing it yourself or taking over. The pace of the class was excellent. Your structured approach, combined with encouragement to “let go”, helped me enjoy being creative again!” –Emma

We found the experience to be very nourishing for the soul and inspiring. You’re a wonderful teacher and we had a heap of fun in your class!!”-Simone and Justine

You helped demystify abstract art for me…Your workshop is well organised and informative – I can’t believe how much we covered in a day! Now I feel like I can express myself in a painting. – J. Tan

…A terrific teacher filling a very big need. I had a wonderful day at the workshop and did not want it to end! -Jeni, Nurse

I had a fantastic time at your beginners workshop. I felt very supported and encouraged throughout the learning process and appreciated your guidance. Your warm nature and generous spirit created an atmosphere that was non-threatening and perfect to learn in. – Sonia, mother and education assistant

… I had the most wonderful experience!  You are a wonderful and insightful person.  I feel truly encouraged to continue working with colours and exploring the most beautiful ways that colour shows itself to us.  Thank you! I cannot wait until my next class with you….. watch out world!” –Maria, Medical Secretary

Thank you for such a wonderful day, my mind is racing with ideas! It is such a different way of making art…its art that makes itself. -Nicole

Malini, thank you for an incredible day. The beginners workshop was so inspirational and liberating. All the ladies of our group, from absolute beginners to those with an art background, were able to experience success. You explained everything so clearly and were very supportive of everyone through the process of creating. How wonderful to come along to something where all the prep has been taken care of! Just turn up and bring something good to eat – too easy! Thanks for the excellent, informative notes you provided for us all to take home, too. So helpful. The pieces we created were unique and fantastic. Can’t wait to hit Jacksons to get some supplies! Definitely booking in to “The Next Step”! Looking forward to taking it further. Peta Watson, Mukinbudin

Thanks Malini, for your expert instruction and for sharing your stories. I had a great time and have been inspired to create and experiment. I also plan to share this with my adolescent clients, the process is a good metaphor for life. -Veronica Holyoak, Psychologist

So lovely to meet you and learn from someone so talented. We are very lucky that there are people like yourself who pass on your knowledge and inspire people like myself and my fellow “Beginners”. -Elaine Wainscoat

I had a really great time and left feeling like I had finally done something I have wanted to for a long time and really achieved something great…I think the way you teach is the way I like to learn and I am looking forward to coming back to soak up some more! – M.Clayton

I enjoyed yesterday tremendously, at times I just had to go quiet to savour the moment. I was completely knackered when I got home, but in a nice way, the uplifted and satisfied version of knackered. Lots to learn and hands on, too, which I prefer as it works best for me. And yes, I DID learn a lot. You were very encouraging and supportive and what I liked especially was the fact, that there was no waiting or empty time…So I suppose ‘Intensive’ workshops work for me! – Martina Wimmer

Your willingness to share your secrets was extremely generous! -Toni

The actual workshop experience delivered what it promised and more. I had a lot of fun. I liked the way you demystified and deconstructed the artistic process by developing a 7-step process which even beginners can use. I like the way you explained the what/why/when and how of various aspects of the process. I suppose what I’m saying is I really liked the scientific approach you bring to your art classes. Thank you again Malini. It was lovely to meet you and to learn from you. You are a wonderful teacher. -Marianne Mcadams, Human Resources

You are an amazing teacher – super- organised, accomplished, inspirational, supportive and great fun. We learned so much and I can’t wait for the next class. G. Jenkins, Education Consultant

I had such a great time yesterday, I’m still buzzing from it today! I’ve got four pieces of art … We put them up against the wall and turn them around occasionally and see things in them we didn’t see before!  It’s an amazing process! This is such a great system you have given me to be able to move forward and enjoy painting my own stuff.  I’m really looking forward to where this will lead me creatively – I think it will be a great outlet for me and give me another dimension to my life. I would love to book in for the follow up class… -Bronwyn Dixon

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop on Sunday…From the minute I arrived to be greeted by your wonderful hello to the minute I went home, it was so enjoyable. -Marilyn


I have been so excited since your workshop and my eyes have been much more open … You taught us so much in so little time; the ‘theory’ bits were so beautifully told that I remember everything … you’ve inspired me so much that I’m gathering supplies for a studio in my shed! -Crispin, teacher

Thanks so much for such an inspiring workshop…I feel I learned the craft of new techniques as well as gaining an insight into creative possibilities… I am excited about exploring these ideas more. -Julie, teacher

A well organised, easy to understand, delightful introduction to the many pathways to achieving abstract art.  Your tranquil teaching presence engenders a feeling of absolute safety to have a go at unfamiliar techniques. -Philippa Parker, teacher and psychologist

Your art workshop was a simple yet exciting blend of theory, practice and sincere creative expression. I loved every moment and have felt something ignited within me since. I want to keep going… -Helma, teacher

My family was very impressed with my results, and my daughters especially pleased that I followed through and took part in your workshop…I enjoyed the experimental and meditative approach – truly food for the soul!  Your caring approach and supportive comments throughout the workshop offered much encouragement and inspiration.  Your step by step, clear and concise delivery made it easy for the complete beginner to follow, as well as serving as a focus on design decisions for the experienced artist.  The comprehensive hand out was an added bonus! -Deanna Gibson, art teacher

I loved the art class! What I loved the most though was meeting you. Malini, your warmth, kindness and hospitality are truly inspirational. You made us all feel so relaxed and confident to have a go and the idea that ‘the process IS the outcome ” is a very liberating one-it certainly was for me.  Thank you for sharing yourself with us and encouraging us to tap into our creative potential. Your art work is testament to your beautiful spirit…You have truly touched my heart…Immeasurable gratitude. – Dawn Scaife, Teacher

The class was brilliant, helping us to create what we didn’t know was in us. To actually follow your steps and find something in the painting that means something to each of us, whether it be the same or different, shows the individuality in each of us. To have produced 4 paintings each at the end of the day was also a staggering thought. Everything was explained so easily… I loved the positive, individual attention you gave each person. That was greatly appreciated!! Thank you for yesterday – it has made me really want to try a bit more!! I still cannot believe what I see in them – lots of magic, and even hubby was impressed. -Robin Stott, teacher

“I had the best time in your class…and went to bed thinking about when I would next be able to paint…then woke up thinking about it! I can’t wait to paint prolifically and ‘let my hair down a little more’ and be less afraid to experiment with colour…I was bowled over by the beautiful work that the others in the class produced too…You are definitely one of the best teachers that I’ve ever met, Malini….and I’ve met a lot! Your teaching style is fun, unique, and humorous and you have an obvious passion for a subject that is close to your heart.” – Sharon Houston, teacher.

“Thank you Malini for a lovely day. I had a wonderful time, you have a lovely teaching style…The day just flew by!” – Tonia, teacher.

You are a great and energetic teacher…engaging students and energizing interest in painting and its endless possibilities – A very informative and fulfilling day. Super organised preparation for classes, ordered for a busy day with clear directions. Very friendly and helpful. For me – it gave me a connection again to create and a day to reflect and experiment on colour and its possibilities. I love making art. Thank you for a great day. –Teresa Egan, teacher.

I had a fantastic time at your beginners workshop. I felt very supported and encouraged throughout the learning process and appreciated your guidance. Your warm nature and generous spirit created an atmosphere that was non-threatening and perfect to learn in. -Sonia, education assistant

Malini, Thank you so much for an absolutely lovely day in your Beginners Art Workshop (with a focus on getting men to hold a paint brush!). I have admired your expressive and meditative arts practice ever since I wondered into an art opening of yours by accident. However, your skills as workshop facilitator almost surpass your skill in painting. Although I’m not a beginning painter, I was happy to view the day as one, and what I saw was a day that fully supported everyone no matter their arts skills. The materials and day was very structured and everything was catered for which allowed attendees full expression of their creative sides rather than wondering what to do next. I was so impressed that I’m creating a small body of work exploring the concepts you’ve taught for a group exhibition AND I’ll be enrolling for a further advanced class with you December. Thank you once again for everything, and I wish you abundance in your endeavours. -Samith Pich, artist and school-teacher

Hannah and I were truly blessed to be able to share such a creative, positive and pleasurable experience. We can’t wait to start experimenting at home…You are just the most amazing person – the workshop was so well organised and your teaching objectives were so clear. The positive way in which you approached every task and every person made it so easy to learn. -D. Jordan, school teacher

“I just loved your book!  It had heart, passion and love all rolled into one. Your story of courage resonated with my own journey, and I found myself digging even deeper to move forward with a love of creativity.  Thank you with all my heart for writing this wonderful book, and sharing your amazing life.” -Jude McColm,


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