Layers of Light Malini Parker Exhibition Poster
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A brand new collection of paintings and pots.

This body of work arose from the places that have filled me with light and awe and wonder, especially the glacial lakes, soaring mountains and fern-filled forests of New Zealand, and the breath-stopping hues of Albany’s coast in the South-West of Australia, a place I regularly visit to replenish my soul. Even the lotuses of Bali make a brief appearance against the shapes and colours of my eucalyptus forest, that curtain of light and bird life that is always around me.
As my work is mostly abstract, they appear in my paintings as hints and whispers in the textures and colours, and in the carvings on my clay pots. They were in my heart when I put paintbrush to canvas, and they swirled around my memories when I shut my eyes at night.
I hope you feel them in Layers of Light. In October 2023, come over to my studio and soak in the art and the forest around it, while we chat over a cuppa!


DATE: Oct 22-23 and Oct 28-29, 2023
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Introducing my hand-carved pottery...

Included in the live exhibition are over 90 ceramic pieces that I made, some intricately carved, others flowing and organic, along with a few simple mugs and bowls. Do come along to see and purchase, as there are too many to photograph! Oct 21, 22, and 28, 29, from 10am - 4pm at
25 Benowa Drive, Glen Forrest, Perth.

IF YOU CAN'T MAKE THE LIVE EVENT, EMAIL ME for enquiries and sales.

Pottery by Malini Parker